Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Slacker me gets a smooch

Wow, so, I guess I have really been slacking on the blog. Work has gotten even busier, which did not seem possible. Between that and preparing for a friend to visit last weekend, I guess time just got away from me.

Let's see... my friend came for a visit for the weekend and it was wonderful to see her. I told her pretty immediately about the baby and she was very excited. I was a little nervous because she really wants to have children and her husband is just not interested. I knew she would be excited for me but I was afraid the excitement would be mixed with some not-so-good feelings and I did not want to make her feel sad. Of course, she reminded me of why she is such a wonderful friend and did not project any of what she is dealing with onto my situation. We spoke at length about her situation as well, but she was great about keeping the two separate.

I was so tired when she was in town. We walked around town a lot and stayed up pretty late. The combination about killed me. I could have slept the entire day on Sunday.

The 12 week appointment is Thursday. I will be 11 weeks, 5 days. Confession - I actually think I will be 11 weeks, 2 days. I think I am three days behind what the due date says. I guess we will see if I am closer when they date the baby this time. I am very excited to see the little one again and I know DH can't wait either.

Still not much weight gain. One pound, but I am sure that it will all catch up to me soon. I am really not "showing" at all and my clothes all still fit (maybe feeling a little tighter in the belly). My bras do not fit and I have had to invest in some a cup size up.

We are going to tour daycare centers tomorrow. Sigh. Hate thinking about leaving this little darling with strangers and I so desperately hope we find one we like... and one we like that actually has an opening by October!

Oh, and, DH kissed my belly for the first time this morning. I about melted.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I want to tell!

Oooh. I want to tell people about baby so badly! I decided long ago (before I got the BFP) that I did not want people to know until after the first trimester had ended. I decided that even more definitely after getting the BFP. We have told our parents and siblings and two close friends, but have otherwise kept our mouths shut. It is getting really hard.

From taking time off of work to visit daycare centers (we live in a big city, so need to be on waiting lists and we are already behind) to feeling sick and tired to being so excited, it is really difficult keeping this wonderful secret!

One of my best friends is coming to town this weekend. I would have told her by now, but decided to wait to tell her in person since I knew she was coming for a visit. I am excited to get to spread the news to one more person. DH asked last night how I plan to tell her. I am pretty sure I am just going with, "I'm pregnant," or something very similar. We have done the cute presentations with our families, so I am ready to just start blurting it!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random thoughts

I cannot really wrap my head around much today. I think I may be experiencing the start of pregnancy brain, as of yesterday. So, random thoughts follow.

My symptoms are still largely missing. I am still not sleeping all that well and I definitely have some nausea come and go, but, overall, I am doing really well. It is almost a little scary. I will be glad to get to the doc next week for the second appointment.

This pelvic rest thing stinks. I am also hopeful that will come to an end after the appointment. I am expecting doc to say all is clear, but I do not want to chance it.

We have taken the first official steps on the house for preparing for our little one to arrive. We moved the office into the smallest bedroom to clear the way for one of the corner rooms to be the nursery. It is exciting, but also overwhelming. Looking at the empty room (well, empty except for boxes of crap that needs to be moved to the attic, sold, or thrown away) makes me realize all of the things we need to do to be ready for baby. AND how much all of the things we will need cost!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Feeling better

I am not sure where it came from, but I am very happy it is here and I hope it sticks around. A bit of confidence, that is. I am actually feeling like I can handle this whole pregnancy and motherhood thing while still balancing work and my marriage. It feels good. I am also feeling a bit better lately (for the last two days) and sleeping a bit better. I am exhausted, but I am okay with that. I have functioned while tired before.

Part of it, I think, is realizing that I have family and friends to support me. A lot of it is recognizing more and more every day that DH is going to continue to be a wonderful partner and that he is going to be one amazing dad. I am so grateful for my loved ones. I am bursting to tell so many people about the baby!

One of my best friends is coming to town next weekend and I am very excited to share the news with her in person. I probably would have told her by now, but, knowing she was coming to town, made me decide to wait. The tricky part with her is that her husband does not want to have children and she very much does. I know she will be very happy and excited for us, but part of me is feeling a bit guilty about expressing my joy to her.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pregnancy Karma

We travelled over the weekend - to DH's hometown to share the news with his family. We stayed with friends and, on Saturday morning, I awoke to spotting. I was reading "The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy" the night before and it warned that you should not take your good fortunes of pregnancy too lightly because pregnancy karma would get you. I had simply mentioned to my friend on Friday night - during a conversation about my symptoms - that I was so glad I had not spotted at all. Karma hit me in the face all right!

I called the doctor on call and she said to go to the emergency room if I started to bleed like I was having my period and to take it easy. I got a kick out of this - "Do not insert anything into your vagina. So, no intercourse." Well, duh, I would think intercourse counts as inserting something into my vagina. The doc also said to call the office on Monday for an appointment if the spotting continued until then.

Everything cleared up by Sunday, so I was very relieved. I cannot believe I am already 9 weeks and 3 days! That means it has been more than five weeks since the BFP. Time has flown and yet I still cannot wait until the 26th when we have the next ultrasound.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Today's Feelings (physical and emotional)

I am feeling pretty well today, considering I got almost no sleep last night. I am sure the lack of sleep will slam me later today or in the morning, but I am thankful that I am feeling well otherwise. It is the first day since even before the BFP that I have not felt sick to my stomach and ravenous all at once. I am also not feeling bloated and my breasts hurt (a little) less than usual. I will take it!

I have been thinking a lot about working and being a mom. I am still not sure how anyone does it and feels that they are doing a good job as an employee or as a mother, but it seems to work and I am sure it will for me, too. DH will ask from time-to-time if I want to move. When he asked last night, I answered, "Sometimes." I know, though, that staying home would not work for me. So much of who I am is in my career and I have worked hard to get where I am. Sine a happy, fulfilled mommy makes a happy, fulfilled baby, I know I will be a career mom and I am okay with that. DH and I will figure it out.

We are telling my in-laws this weekend. We are not using as much pomp and circumstance surrounding the reveal, but I know it will be special nonetheless. We are also telling close friends this weekend. It is getting more real by the day... and my daily calendar says baby is one inch long! Keep growing, little one!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Prayers - Answered; Questions - Notsomuch

So many questions arise when one is pregnant. One that has haunted me has been, "Are these cramps normal?" I am not sure if I should be worried and the literature out there is of little help. I have no additional symptoms and no spotting, so I cannot imagine that it is problematic, but the explanations out there explain things as though I already know the difference between cramps from my uterus expanding and cramps due to a worrisome cause.

On Sunday, the cramps were in full swing and I was a bit concerned. I basically laid around all day long (and yet was still exhausted at the end of the day). I was still hurting when bed time came around and I hoped for a snow day. God works in mysterious ways because snow it did and I had the chance to work from home. On my couch. Feet up. I know God is listening - now if only I had my own personal on-call doctor to answer every question at my whim.

We did tell my parents on Friday night and it was wonderful. My mom cried and my dad made the little giggling noise he makes to keep himself from crying. We celebrated with dinner out and it was just a really nice night. We tell my dear MIL and GMIL this weekend and I think, after telling my folks, that DH is really excited about the reveal. He'd better be - we have to travel six hours to do it!