Sunday, May 31, 2009

(sigh) I'm such a slacker

I cannot believe how much time I have let pass since I last wrote. As is what happens with life, life got in the way of my planned living. We had just finished demolishing the guest bathroom to make it super baby friendly (and just nicer in general) when the basement flooded. The same thing happened 14 months ago, at which time we had redone the entire thing and been thrilled with the results. It was going to be a great playroom... and will again. The problem, of course, is that, now, we have two construction projects going in the house at the same time. That fact, coupled with DH's business trip to New York the week after the flood has meant that there has not been much time to do things like... blog.

Enough of the excuses. Well, since my last writing, I think the biggest thing to happen is the halfway point. Last week marked the top of the pregnancy hill. It is a bit overwhelming to think that we are more than halfway through the time until the little guy arrives, but, like most things with this pregnancy, the mixed emotion involved is excitement. It is awesome to think about his arrival. I cannot wait to meet him, to see his little face, to know what he likes and does not like, etc., etc.

He is moving all over the place. The last doctor's appointment (a week ago from last Friday), the doc tried to listen to the heartbeat and ended up hearing it very briefly before giving up, saying he was squiggling all over the place. "He's a squirmer!" the doc said. Now I just cannot wait to have DH feel him kick... it is coming soon, I am sure.

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