Monday, May 4, 2009

Slacker is back with a nosebleed

The photos below are of my torso at five weeks (bottom) and 16 weeks (top). Still no bump, but I am definitely looking more full-waisted!

A lot has been happening. So much, in fact, that I have let way too much time pass since I last wrote. I was never good at keeping a journal growing up... not sure why I thought I would be any better now. I am trying, though! As my mommy mantra requires me to state, "I do not have to be perfect. Just good enough."

I was driving down the road last week, DH behind me, when I reached up because my nose was a little drippy. Lo and behold - blood! I was no longer able to escape the pregnancy bloody nose. It was brief and not bad, but I was afraid that bloody nose was just the beginning of many. So far, no more (knock on wood). At least I know my body's blood flow has increased for baby.

Also last week, my daily pregnancy calendar noted that, if I shine a flashlight on my belly, the baby will move to cover his or her eyes. DH and I gave it a shot and - pow! - I felt baby move. I, of course, have not idea if the baby was annoyed and eye-covering, or startled and jumpy, but, regardless of how I harassed my baby, I felt movement. It was awesome.

Last night, we ordered the crib and we are very excited. It's a big purchase, baby's bed, and it feels good to know we are on the road to nurserydom.

Today marks two weeks until the big ultrasound. We cannot wait to see baby again!

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