Tuesday, August 4, 2009

POP goes the belly - BYE goes the sleep

I am big. I feel huge, but I am at least big. I feel swollen all over and my hips and legs hurt pretty much constantly.

DH treated me to a pregnancy massage a couple of weekends ago and it was heavenly. The only problem is that now I know how good I could feel if I could have one every day. Okay, three times a day would be nice...

We are still not very far along with the nursery. The walls are primed and the ceiling is painted and, well, yeah. That's about it. We have it narrowed down to two colors (I think) and I got the message today that the glider is at the store waiting for us to pick it up. We finally ordered the dresser and chest two weeks ago and we are receiving gifts, one by one, from friends and well-wishers.

Really, I just want to write about how huge I feel. I hurt. A lot.

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